Founder & CEO of RAIDIAN™ Global, Inc.




Influential, high energy professional with many years of proven expertise organizing lean, super-efficient “Team Effort” operations. Extensively experienced in budget management, proforma financial planning and physical risk assessment. Distinguished as a highly motivated individual who gets the job done with solid literary and verbal communication skills. Remarkably computer literate with multiple applications in both MAC and MS/IBM based systems.

Conceptual designer of My Orange Connection™ secure file transfer protocol and co-designer of The Iron Jacket™ Web Security functionality. Available for speaking engagements and limited consultation through RAIDIAN™ Global, Inc.





My personal goal is to apply my substantial abilities toward helping others meet their goals in a team effort. Change is an inevitable fact of life, especially in these fast moving times. Making the most of change requires active versatility and positive adaptability. My extensive business experience has given me ample opportunity to become proficient in both of these disciplines.

As the founder and CEO or RAIDIAN™ Global, Inc. I find myself living all of the objectives listed above. From film production to now producing the worlds' premier Web Security products and all the adventures in between, I have to say the rollercoaster ride of the past 5 years has been the most exciting because I have drawn so deeply from all of my past experiences. The history of our formidable software is contained with-in the pages of THE IRON JACKET™ Website. I am sincerely grateful to all of the good people I have worked with to bring us to where we are today. If I can share one piece of advice with business owners and operators, it would be to surround yourself with good people... then get into the trenches with them. I am honored to be at the helm of RAIDIAN™ Global, Inc. as we bring new and exciting horizons of Web Security to the Cyber landscape.







A lifetime of experience in film production as a Line Producer, Production Manager, Writer, Director, Location Scout, Location Manager, Transportation Coordinator, Logistics & Operations Coordinator, Field Coordinator and Stunt Safety Coordinator. I am also an accomplished photographer, videographer and cameraman. My career began in high school when I was shooting both 35 mm stills and 16 mm motion pictures. With this experience, I understand the inspirations and frustrations of the creative and photographic people. On the flip side, my business background contributes to my reverence for logistics, budgets and the necessity of working with personnel and locations in a way that satisfies all aspects of the production. I designed and produced the “Light the Fire Within” campaign for the USOC 2002 Winter Olympics, bringing this massive project to fruition 15% under budget! My Photography was utilized by Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah in their advertising materials for many years. Other recent COMMERCIAL & PRINT AD credits (including Visa, Chevy, NBA, Toyota, Jeep, Kellogg’s, Honda, Volkswagen, GMC, Volvo, Dodge Trucks, Ford, Blair, Talbot's, Chadwick's, etc.) available upon request.





Managing Partner of Clark’s Pharmacy, Kremmling, Colorado. My involvement with Clark’s began as a small investment that rapidly expanded to require more than passive interest. In 2003, problems with the business required my full time attention. At the time when I took full management control, the business was six figures in debt and nearly bankrupt. Twenty-four months afterward, the prescription portion of the pharmacy business alone sold for a very reasonable six-figure sum. (Kremmling is a remote mountain town with a population of only 1500 people.)



Contract - Operations and Program Coordinator with MDE International, Inc. Burton, Michigan and Commerce City, Colorado for Navistar Truck/Engine testing and evaluation. Organized and implemented new facility and operations at this site. Later transferred to Aurora, Colorado to streamline Hino Trucks (Toyota) new engine testing program. This assignment involved working with a continually revolving group of Japanese engineers and dozens of  employees in a 24/7 environment. Highly successful enhancements to operations were implemented using my production development and management skills. This success lead to similar program development and coordination at the Aurora site for PACCAR Corp. (Peterbilt trucks). 2009 through mid-2014. Further information is not permitted by non-disclosure agreements.


EDUCATION and beyond


Four plus years at Brigham Young University with simultaneous majors in Zoology and Chemistry and a minor in Business and Marketing. (This was also my defacto classroom for extreme alpine skiing and climbing.) I was recruited by AMOCO Oil Company (Marketing Div.) before graduation and immediately put to work helping to salvage a floundering public relations and informational unit. My early background in film played a major role in this employment. I later enjoyed an active relationship with AMOCO as a consultant for several years.



* Numerous contracts and consultations performed under high security and confidential non-disclosure agreements, restricting further sharing of details.


OTHER BUSINESS BACKGROUND ..... Please see "JRH / Business"