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Personal Motto:

"Do It Right And Do It Now! ”


Favorite Quote:

“If you are looking for perfect safety,

you would do well to sit on the fence

and watch the birds.” (Wilbur Wright 1901).


Personal Mantra:

"Smoke rises,

On wings of faith,

Without fear,

To ride with the wind!" (© J.R. Hildebrand 1991)


Reality Check:

"Patience is a transient virtue

that only finds a home,

when the host has no other choice." (© J.R. Hildebrand 1993)

Some of the folks perusing this Website have remarked, with a hint of skepticism,
about my many accomplishments*.  


In response, I am posting an excerpt from a new book I am working on. Perhaps this will help those less optimistic folks to understand what motivates me while also serving as an inspiration to others.


My life has been full and rich with no regrets because
I have dared to try… and do!



Reaching for the Stars


© 2014 J.R. Hildebrand


“Going to and beyond the Moon – becoming an inter-stellar traveler, requires astronauts that have massive backgrounds in all facets of life, from history to mechanics and everything in between. If you can dream and believe, while using your God given capabilities to learn, you can accomplish anything you desire to achieve. Success is often a perceived failure turned inside out. To not try is the true failure.”


“God didn’t make any junk. If you want to be like Him, learn and master everything you can and more. Learning one thing and then focusing on that all your life is not only a waste of your free agency and the gifts that God has given you, but an affront to His generosity and trust. I am grateful that God did not stop designing when He finished with the Amoeba.”


To paraphrase a Biblical admonition;

 “A candle hidden in a box is of no value to anyone.”

If you believe in God, why do you not believe in yourself?

Why do you not trust Him with full faith as you move forward?”



Smoke Rises

 on Wings of Faith,

Without Fear,

To Ride With the Wind.


© 1991 J.R. Hildebrand



*My Web page reflects about 50% of my accomplishments.  I have a 20'x30' Storage area brimming with dozens of boxes all stuffed with documents, photos, and invention prototypes and perhaps more proof of life than you can imagine.