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“I have found J.R. to be honest, fair and firm in the business world. I firmly believe that the

time to engage his service is now, before your minor problems become big ones."

Jack A. Miller, RPH / ABR

Boulder, Colorado

"Unequaled in his efficiency, organizational abilities and competent production management."

Scott Lloyd-Davies, DP

London, UK

"Decisive, tenacious, high energy professional who gets the job done."

Gary Nielsen,

TV & Entertainment Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

"... seems to have an almost sixth sense in anticipating snags that could possibly tie-up

production and implements the most appropriate corrective action possible to either minimize

or eliminate problems all together.... gets the job done on time and within budget."

J.D. Judd, Videographer

Seattle, WA

"The GMC shoot... was one of the most challenging assignments I have ever undertaken and

honestly couldn't have done it without J.R. Hildebrand"

James Haefner,

Producer / Photographer

Detroit, MI

“Working with J.R. Hildebrand is a positive, fun and very rewarding experience. Not only

can he motivate crews to give their best under very tough conditions, but he also seems to

consistently ‘pull rabbits out of a hat’ when needed.”

Jerry Torgerson, Producer

Tokyo, Japan

Los Angeles, CA

"After working with J.R. for 9 weeks on the massive Volvo project, I wondered what I would

do afterward. When I realized that our great adventure was coming to a close and the best

working experience of my life was coming to an end I cried and the other guys did too. We

could have worked this way for years together."

Wm. Johnson, Camera Assistant

Los Angeles, CA


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