Questions & Answers

What Is The Main Focus Of The Film?

To inform and educate citizens and drivers alike with a platform for improved relations and subsequently a safer, friendlier workplace. The ultimate goal of the project is to improve relationships between truckers, their employers, shippers/receivers and the people who eventually consume the products they haul.

When Will Filming Take Place And Where?

Pre-Production is under way. Principal shooting will be conducted over a course of ten to twelve months once additional funding is secured. Filming will consist of interviews and action shots while on the road. Our stage is the contiguous lower 48 states. High quality HD digital video and sound will be used to capture daily drama seldom seen or observed by the public. Preliminary editing will be progressive through the project and when we have captured the images we need, the completed film will come together quickly.

What Will It Cost To Make This Film?

This project has some versatility in regard to the fact there are only a few scenes that require sophisticated production. As with any creative project of this type the more money (within reason) we have to work with, the more we can do and the greater the production value (or look) of the finished product will be.

Where Is The Prodution Money Coming From?

We are raising revenue through memberships in Long-Haul Trucker, LLC.

Why Not Just Go To Some Of The Big Box Stores Or Trucking Companies For Money?

We have chosen to avoid seeking funds from any large corporate entity that could expect editorial input or that may be perceived as having a bias. Some otherwise potential sources may also find themselves being shown in a less than favorable light. For the sake of the integrity of the film, we must keep our associations as isolated and transparent as possible, even if that means less funding. We firmly believe that public and trucker participation, motivated by previously unheard concerns, will help us market this film.

When Will The Film Be Out And Where?

Economic factors have slowed us down considerably, but we are moving forward. When we are able to begin our shooting schedule, you will be able to track our progress with out-takes posted to the Web site and "You Tube". Several distribution companies are available with various levels of expertise. Our plan is to approach them with a completed “trailer” midway through production. The goal is to secure a distributor who will promote the film from theatrical release to DVD and video sales and then finally to network and/or cable television release.